Reward Program

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Eat and Earn

Here at Fresh Seed Meals we are offering something really unique and special with our referral program.

As long as you are an active and satisfied member we encourage you to spread the word about how great Fresh Seed Meals is. For each person you refer to sign up and becomes a member you receive 10% OFF. After referring 10 active members (11 including yourself) you can enjoy our amazing variety of dishes of your category choice for free! Any additional active members you will be considered part of the Fresh Seed team and will actually be able to earn while you enjoy your meals each week.

1 active referral member  = 10% off per week

10 active referral members  = 100% off per week

15 active referral members  = 100% off per week + $50 payment per week

20 active referral members  = 100% off per week + $100 payment per week

And there is no limit!

Please send us a message with your contact info so we can provide you with a discount code.